Effective 24th May 2019

Organisational Structure

Crispin Rhodes is based in Milton Keynes and is predominantly involved in the provision of HR support to small to medium sized UK-based businesses in telephone, email and face to face consultancy formats.

Overview and Definition of Modern Slavery

Slavery, child labour and human trafficking are serious crimes and a violation of fundamental human rights. There are various forms of this ‘Modern Slavery’ which deprives victims of their liberty and usually involves financial exploitation.

At Crispin Rhodes, we pride ourselves on conducting our business fairly, ethically, and with respect for fundamental human rights. We are fully committed to the prevention of all forms of slavery, forced labour or servitude, child labour, and human-trafficking, both in our business, the business of our clients and in our supply chains. We will not tolerate it in any way.

This policy applies to all who work with Crispin Rhodes (but not limited to) our employees, Directors, officers, workers, consultants, and anyone from whom we purchase supplies or to whom we supply work of any kind.

Failure by our employees to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action, which could lead to termination of your employment by reason of gross misconduct without pay in lieu of notice. Failure by our suppliers or customers could result in contracts being severed. Failure to comply could also involve other legal steps being taken against you. We will not hesitate to report any concerns that we may have.

Preventing Slavery and Human-Trafficking in our Business

We make appropriate checks on all employees, recruitment agencies, and suppliers, to know who is working for, or on behalf of us. We identify, assess and monitor potential risk areas in our supply chains.

We provide every employee with a written statement of particulars of employment (‘contract’) setting out the main details of their employment. We pay every employee in accordance with the law and no-one ever receives less than the statutory minimum hourly rate to which they are entitled. We comply with our legal obligations to ensure the health and safety of all of our employees and workers, including in relation to working hours, rest breaks, and holidays.

The Company encourages use of its whistleblowing policy to report any concerns regarding modern slavery and will thoroughly investigate any complaints.

Suppliers to the Company

If you supply our organisation with goods or services, you must assess your business and supply chains and confirm that you comply with your legal obligations in relation to Modern Slavery, and are committed to ensuring that to the best of your knowledge and belief there is no slavery, forced labour, or servitude, child labour, or human trafficking taking place in your business, or any of your supply chains. We reserve the right to require you to let us have a copy of your organisation’s Modern Slavery Policy.

If you breach this policy, or are found to have slavery or human-trafficking in your business, or knowingly in your supply chain, the Company will terminate its contract with you and pursue legal remedies against you. We will report our findings to the correct authorities without delay.

Employees or Workers

A detailed policy for employees and workers is contained in the Company’s Employee Handbook. All employees joining the company are provided with a thorough induction which includes being made aware of the Company’s policies relating to standards of behaviour that it requires from them.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31st March, 2019.


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