Promise One: Proactive HR Support

The best time to solve an HR problem is before it happens, and to do that you need an HR Partner who is proactively looking after your business and your people. That's why we'll always –
  • Help you deal with all of the issues - and show you that you do have options, even when the law seems punitive and prescriptive
  • Interpret the law in a way that's practical for your individual business, showing you what you can and can't say and do
  • Implement the things you need support with or help you and your team do it yourselves
  • Make sure that you, as our client, stay automatically up-to-date at all times

Promise Two: 100% Expert Advice

We want you to have access to the very best advice and support. From the way we work to the companies we partner with, you'll never have to worry about the quality of the advice or services you're getting. Across the company we -
  • Only employ experienced, senior HR Managers - we don't believe in scripted call-centres staffed by junior administrators and HR staff
  • Invest in continuous training and development across the company, meaning the advice you receive is always based on the very latest case law and best practice
  • Retain partnerships with employment law solicitors and barristers, giving us a unique legal sounding board for unique and unusual queries

Promise Three: Fair & Transparent Fees

Lastly, you may be concerned that professional HR advice will be expensive. Our aim is to keep things simple and to offer you excellent value for money. And, of course, we're in business ourselves so we understand the challenges faced by businesses large and small - everything we do is in mind of today's commercial realities. That's why –
  • There is no restrictive long-term tie-in - you can simply use our services whenever you need to
  • Every package is truly bespoke, meaning you'll never pay for bloated service you don't need
  • All of our fees are transparent so you'll always know exactly how much our help will cost
  • Where we can't offer a fixed-fee, we'll work closely with you so you understand the impact on your budget at all times
And don't forget - working with our team will cost you a lot less than if you put a foot wrong in the eyes of the law!

The Crispin Rhodes Difference

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