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Q: An employee has requested that as they have no childcare cover for a week during the summer holidays that she be given permission to bring her six year old to work for the week. Do we have to agree to this? A: I would recommend refusing this request for the following reasons:
  1. You would be creating a precedent within your organisation for employees to bring their children to work whenever they have childcare issues – where would that stop?

  2. There is a health and safety risk even in a low risk environment.

  3. A six year old is likely to make some noise which may be distracting to other employees and/or may be heard over the phone by your most important customer.
If the employee has insufficient holiday entitlement for them to take this time off as holiday, you might like to consider offering them the time off without pay. As this is a planned occurrence, the employee would not qualify for the statutory dependents’ leave as that provision is in place to enable a parent to deal with an emergency.

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