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Q: We have received a request from an employee to work compressed hours over four days per week.  What do we need to do? A: A compressed-hours scheme allows employees to work their total contracted hours over a fewer number of working days.  For example, this could mean that an employee who works five 7-hour days could work the same number of hours over four 8.75-hour days.   Employers must be mindful of the working time regulations and make sure that employees don’t exceed reasonable working hours and compromise their health.   It is important to agree the day that will be unworked in advance with the employee, either on a permanent basis or on a “according to the needs of the business” basis.   Holiday entitlement will be reduced pro-rata to four-fifths of the entitlement.   We suggest that you deal with this request in the same way that you would deal with any other request for flexible working.

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