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Q: An ex employee who resigned, whilst he was being taken through the performance management policy, has responded to a job we are advertising for. A recruitment company has dealt with this, so we are anonymous. Do we have to interview this individual? A: In any recruitment and selection procedure it cannot be stressed enough that candidates selected for interviews and eventually the post are short listed following an objective and non discriminatory criteria. Discrimination against protected characteristics applies from the moment an organisation is looking to recruit. Once applications are received in response to a job advert and they are being sifted through ideally the candidate name, age, gender, religion, ethnic background should be taken out of the equation before any applicants are looked at. This takes away any bias the recruiter may have and it actually improves the pool of potential candidates to interview. All applicants’ skills and experience should then be compared to the job description and person specification that will be in place. Candidates who match these closest can then be invited to interview to discuss further their skills and experience. So if your ex employee has the right skills and experience you are looking for in this role, and they already know your organisation, why not interview them? If they don’t have the skills, attitude you require as per the job description and person specification then this ex employee won’t be shortlisted for interviews. This way the organisation has been able to demonstrate a fair and non-discriminatory selection process.

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