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Q: One of our employees has been off sick for seven months as we believe she’s unlikely to ever return to work. She refuses to see our Occupational Health Specialist. What can we do? A: You can’t force an employee to see an Occupational Health Specialist if they don’t want to. Arrange a meeting with the employee, at their home if they are not well enough to come to work, and talk through the problem with them. Try to find out why they are refusing. If they still refuse, make it clear that you will have no alternative but to take disciplinary action against them on the grounds of capability as their long-term sickness is preventing them from being able to carry out their role. It would be much better to base any decision about the employee’s future on the basis of medical evidence. With out medical evidence, however, you would have no alternative but to base your decision on the information you currently have which will almost definitely go against the employee as they have been absent for so long.

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