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Q: Can we insist that a pregnant employee arranges her ante-natal appointments outside working hours? A: The employee has the right to attend the first appointment at a time agreed with the registered medical practitioner, midwife or health visitor. After that you can request that a certificate or appointment card be shown to you. If the timing conflicts with business then you can ask her to find a more suitable time. If you make what she considers to be an unreasonable request, she can make a complaint to an employment tribunal who will determine if it was reasonable or not; thus it may be safer in such circumstances to allow her the paid time off. From my own personal experience, ante-natal classes were on a Wednesday afternoon at 2pm when a whole group of pregnant ladies met at the same time. If you were unable to attend at that time, there was no alternative so in a case like this, it would probably be seen as unreasonable to prevent an employee from attending.

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