Who reads the investigation report?

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I was speaking to a friend of mine recently about how an investigation should be conducted but also, what should happen with it on completion. He was investigating on behalf of a charity into allegations of financial mismanagement by the general manager.

He was instructed by the CEO of the charity to investigate a number of allegations that had been made against the manager, which if found guilty, would have surely led to his dismissal for gross misconduct.

The investigation was detailed and concise and required several interview meetings with other witnesses. As the picture became clearer, it became more evident that the board of trustees had been also culpable for the lack of supervision of the manager.

So the investigation report was completed and had recommendations for both the general manager who had some serious allegations to answer AND the board, who also received recommendations as to how they were to support the position in future.

The CEO was adamant that this report in its entirety should be forwarded to the general manager as part of the disciplinary process.

I disagreed and felt that this report should not be deemed part of the disciplinary process. I felt that this report was for the CEO’s eyes only and that on his request, a separate disciplinary report should be commissioned, focusing solely on the allegations against the general manager.

He did not need to see the recommendations for the board of trustees and as it happened, he decided to claim for unfair dismissal.

Could it have been avoided?

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