What if your top performer ends up like Luis Suarez?

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With the football season under way, many people will be dusting off their season tickets and tuning into the endless antics (on and off the pitch) of this madcap striker (although he still has to serve out his 6 match ban hanging over from last season!) Clearly, Suarez isn’t the wisest owl in the tree with such a terrible temper, but truly a world class player/plonker. He is paid a fortune and in return, expected to perform at a high standard, so you need to have a slight chuckle that he wants to leave Liverpool Football Club (those who’ve defended racism and assult) to go elsewhere, surely his new club could be upset and confused as to why he could perform so badly. If for any reason, a fellow employee seems to be heading in Suarez’s footsteps, as their manager, you should consider the reason for the downturn in performance. Speak to the employee, ask them what is happening. You might find that they are having particular problems which you can address with support to help them to get back on their feet. However if there’s no reasonable explanation, a performance improvement plan can be started, which should comply with the principles set out in the ACAS code. A series of formal meeting must take place, and warnings may be issued at each stage. Targets and improvement periods need to be set out. At the end of each period, a review meeting needs to be held, and, after appropriate warnings, the decision to dismiss may be made. Employer’s must take care to ensure that performance management processes are fair, or they may be exposed to risk of unfair dismissal claims, for which the current compensatory award may be as high as £74,200. Although this may only amount to half of Suarez’s weekly wage, for everyone else here today it is a significant sum. ( Luis couldn’t make it himself)! For further information, contact us so we can guide you through addressing poor performance.

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