What if your employee uses their work email address to complain?

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So you allow your employees to surf the net, sell their items on e-bay, do their internet shopping in their own time, be it before or after work hours or even in their lunch hour. But what if they’ve ordered goods from their personal account but then complain via their business e-mail account?

And then they then buy something using their personal account, the goods arrive but they’re not exactly what was ordered and rather than complaining from their account, they then use their business e-mail address to do so? This is exactly what happened to one of our clients. However, instead of having the desired effect, the company concerned wrote directly to the business’ owner acknowledging the threatened litigation. Suffice to say our client was not impressed when it was discovered that their business e-mail had been used in this way.

You may want to ensure that your E-mail and Internet Policy clearly states that business e-mail accounts are not to be used to place orders for personal goods and/or services, nor should they be able to sell their own private goods/services or make complaints about, or to, any third parties but must do so via their own personal e-mail accounts.

This course of action needs to be spelled out as such matters are unrelated to their work and by using their business email addresses could give the impression that they are acting for and on behalf of you, as their employer. You need to protect your business to ensure you can’t be accused of entering into contracts with third parties and if the policy is contravened there could be repercussions, such as disciplinary action being taken.

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