What happens when your reservists are called up?

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Since 1st October, 2014, it is possible that Reservists can be mobilised and be required to carry out any roles that are undertaken by the Regular Forces.

Legislation regarding Reservists requires all employers to support mobilisation in all but exceptional circumstances.

In reality Reservists are unlikely to be mobilised except in the event of major operations or when a disaster strikes.

How will employers be notified?

A ‘call-out’ notice is issued to employee and employer with a ‘call-out’ pack giving key information such as the call-out date, likely duration and information on claiming financial assistance.

When does the notice commence?

Wherever possible, the MOD will give 28 at least days’ notice for contingency operations which are short notice and at least 90 days’ notice for pre-planned operations.

How long will the employee be mobilised?

Reservists may be mobilised for up to a maximum of 12 months.

Can employers appeal the call-out notice?

Yes, in exceptional circumstances, if the employee’s absence would come at a time that would cause serious harm to the business.

What are the mobilisation phases?
  1. Acceptance into service (administration, medical etc)
  2. Pre-deployment training, deployment and post-operational activity
  3. Demobilisation including a period of post-operational leave if applicable.

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