Wellness Action Plans

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We continue with this month’s theme of supporting employees with mental ill health issues.

If you recognise that an employee may be having some mental ill health issues, encourage them and work with them (if they are happy to do so) to create a Wellness Action Plan.

This is an easy and practical way to support an individual’s mental health at work and for a manager to help support the mental health of their team members.

A Wellness Action Plan can be completed by all employees so that they have practical steps in place to make sure they are provided with the support they need when they need it. It becomes and informal agreement between the employee and their manager to promote employee wellbeing, addresses any existing mental health needs and includes any potential adjustments to the working environment to assist the employee.

This can be used to identify what are early warning signs for them, what triggers affect their mental health wellbeing and the symptoms. It can describe how mental ill health may impact their performance at work and what support they would like from their manager and the business.

Agree with the employee what reasonable adjustments you could make to assist them at times when they are struggling.

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