Tribunal Service Confirms Date for Implementation of Fees

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HM Courts and Tribunal Service have confirmed that, subject to parliamentary approval, fees will be due for employment tribunal (ET) claims and appeals to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) with effect from 29th July, 2013. Fees will not be payable on claimed submitted or notices of appeal received prior to 29th July, 2013. Two charges will be effective – the first on issue of the claim and the second prior to the final hearing for a claim that proceeds to that stage. Claims will come under two levels. Level 1 will apply for claims for unpaid wages and redundancy payments and all other claims will come under Level 2. For level 1 claims, the issue fee will be £160 and the hearing fee £230 and for level 2 claims the issue fee will be £250 and the hearing fee will be £950. There will be difference fee levels applicable to claims involving multiple claimants. To lodge an appeal with the EAT, the issue fee will be £400 and the hearing fee £1,200, with only one level of fee regarding of the type of claim or number of claimants.

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