Top Tips for a Successful Employee Induction

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The appointment of a new employee is the start of the employment relationship and the likely success or otherwise of the relationship will often depend upon the experience that employee has during their first few weeks with the Company – how well they settle in, the quality of the training given to them and how they are welcomed to the new organisation.

It is imperative they are given a thorough induction into their new role, the Company’s ways of working and ethos.

By providing a probationary period, the employer can monitor and assess the employee’s performance during the early stages and their effectiveness in the role and the employee can decide whether the new role and organisation are right for them.

So here are our top tips for Managers when taking on a new employee:
  1. Provide support and guidance from the minute the new employee walks through the door.
  2. Cover health and safety and equal opportunities training early on.
  3. Consider appointing a “buddy” to support them during their first few weeks.
  4. Consider any special requirements of a new employee when designing the induction programme eg if lunch is provided whether or not they have special dietary requirements.
  5. Carry out regular review meetings throughout the probationary period – don’t just wait until the end, particularly if you are wanting to highlight potential issues.
  6. If there are different terms and conditions applicable to employees during the probationary period, make sure they are aware of these from the start.
  7. Confirm your intentions with regard to any continuation of the probationary period before the planned expiry.

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