Six Tips for Supporting Reservists In The Workplace

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If you employee armed forces reservists we have six tips to help you support them in your business
  1. Develop a Reservist HR Policy to ensure that both Reservists and their Managers understand the Company policy.
  2. Consider offering a Reservist additional leave for training – they usually attend training within their unit one evening a week but also take part in a two-week continuous training course.
  3. Through regular reviews, acknowledge routine training that brings essential skills into the organisation – leadership, communication, team working etc.
  4. Complete call-out documents as soon as they arrive
  5. When called-up, meet with the Reservist to discuss the following:-

    1. Handover of work
    2. Return of any equipment
    3. Agree benefits entitlements and required actions
    4. Put a “keeping in touch” plan in place so that the reservist can be kept up to date with and changes and developments within the Company
  6. When Reservists return to work:-

    1. Offer refresher training
    2. Recap updates in the Company
    3. Encourage an informal get together with colleagues
    4. Discuss any health concerns the Reservist may be experiencing as a result of the deployment

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