20 Perks and Benefits Offered by Top Companies

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How are you planning to incentivise and motivate your team in 2020? Here’s a list of some of our favourites from a survey by Glassdoor last year – of course, some are more practical for the small business than others!
  1. A welcome bonus of £5,000 plus a gift of £500 each year
  2. An all-expenses-paid company holiday for all employees
  3. £1,400 for travel abroad
  4. Employee discounts at the local pub and a beauty salon.
  5. Full pay for five days per year to enable employees to volunteer in the community.
  6. A Christmas party for employees’ children
  7. A wine club providing employees with discounted wine delivered to their home each month
  8. Free food – Bacon Thursday, Hot Food Friday, healthy snacks and free drinks including soft drinks, beers on tap and coffee
  9. A villa in Italy for use by employees whenever they want
  10. Unlimited holiday time and unmonitored flexitime so employees take the time off that they need
  11. On-site child daycare facility
  12. Extra day off for each employee’s birthday
  13. GP and dentist on site
  14. On site swimming pool, gym, tennis court and football pitch
  15. Four-week sabbatical for every four years of service
  16. 40% discount off company products
  17. Christmas shopping day
  18. Free staff restaurant
  19. Free bicycle repairs at the office to encourage employees to cycle to work and keep fit
  20. Hire a cinema each year with a free film showing to all employees and their families
If you are considering offering additional perks to your staff, make sure that you know what they might be interested in and that the perks are relevant.

Don’t forget too that whilst perks and benefits are a good way to entice employees to join the company, it’s vital to ensure employee job satisfaction throughout their employment.

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