The Value of an Induction Programme

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Nearly all businesses have some form of induction programme that they take their new team members through. It may be a quick introduction and a tour of the office to a well-planned thorough fortnight-long programme.

But why have them? What value do they add to the recruitment process? Are they just a nuisance because someone has to stop doing their job to look after the new kid?

It’s my belief that getting the induction programme pitched at the right level helps to engage new employees quickly and thereby become productive that much earlier. An induction is the opportunity to welcome the new employee, provide them with the basics they need to know about the organisation, its culture, where it’s going. This helps to clarify the expectations the company has from the new employee.

To ensure the induction process achieves the above, someone needs to be accountable to implement the programme. The line manager is the ideal person to book out time in their diary so they give it the attention and time to make the induction effective. Trying to run an induction programme and continue with your daily schedule isn’t going to work and gives out mixed messages to the new employee. You won’t have engaged with them. If the line manager is really too busy then get help in from other team members who can give the new employee some undivided attention and show them the ropes – great for helping to integrate the new employee into the team.

Share the details of the programme with the employee and individuals who will help to deliver it. Everyone knows who is doing what and when. As a new employee who has successfully gone through interview and been selected for a job in your organisation, they are going to be on board after a well planned and executed induction programme, giving your business a return on your investment sooner than you might have thought.

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