The over 50s prone to stress and weight gain

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Recent research has found that older workers are more likely to experience health problems as a result of work-related stress being over weight. This is a growing issue particularly as it is predicted that a third of workers will be over 50 by 2020. Of the 1000 workers that were surveyed, as part of the research, 41% of those aged between 51 and 55 said that they had experienced illness as a direct result of work-related stress and 15% said that an unhealthy weight had caused them to suffer from health problems. Older workers who put on weight were found to be more likely to pile on more pounds than younger colleagues because of their jobs. Workers who are aged 51 to 65 put on an average of more than 8lbs in a year where as those aged 31-50 average 7½lbs and 21-30 year olds average 6½lbs. Surprisingly, 40% of workers in their twenties say that their job causes them to have unhealthy habits and gain weight. As the population is ageing at an unprecedented rate the average employee age will increase and so with many workers over the age of 50 suffering ill-health, as a result of work-related stress and an unhealthy diet, absence rates will raise and therefore productivity reduce. The research suggests that employees of all ages would benefit from employer support in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but it seems that both the older and younger workers are being neglected when it comes to health living benefits or initiatives. Employers should be aware that the workplace can have an affect on the overall health of their staff and that they should be doing all they can for health and happiness to ensure productivity is high.

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