The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) Publish Rules for Employers

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There’s only a few months to go before employees of large organisations will have to begin saving into pension for the first time when the auto-enrolment legislation comes into force. The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) has published its ‘golden rules’ for employers. These rules have been developed following four years of research among people who will be affected by the reforms. NEST’s Golden Rules for communications:
  1. Keep it real: Use examples people can relate to and avoid abstract concepts.
  2. Rights not responsibility: Tell people what they’re entitled to, not what they should be doing.
  3. Out with the old: Make pensions relevant to their lives now and don’t focus on the details of retirement.
  4. One for all: Make it clear automatic enrolment is happening to most workers, not just them.
  5. Tell it like it is: Present the facts and avoid ‘spin’ – people want to make up their own minds.
  6. Give people control (even if they don’t use it): Tell people about their choices and not that everything’s done for them.
  7. Take people as you find them: Give people access to information that matches their knowledge and interest.
  8. Be constructive: Tell people about solutions, not problems or scare stories.
Although it may be a year or two before your employees face auto-enrolment, there’s no harm in letting them know what they’re in for sooner rather than later. If you would like specialist advice on this topic, please let us know and we’ll arrange for our pensions advisor to contact you.

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