The Importance of a Fair Investigation

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If you own a business or are responsible for some aspect of human resources, you are most likely going to see your share of problems with your workforce. These issues can be anything from a simple misconduct issue to major problems that must be dealt with quickly. However, regardless of the situation, you will find that it is necessary to conduct a fair investigation of the situation before acting upon it.

There are many reasons that an investigation may be warranted, such as rule breaking, complaints made by fellow employees and threats, among many others. HR can advise when and how an employer should conduct these investigations.

Employers are required to keep accurate records of situations in relation to employees. If proper documentation is not kept, employers may be subjected to fines.

It is also important when conducting an investigation to choose the right investigator. This person needs to be well respected and reliable. They will need to identify those who were involved with the situation quickly and conduct interviews in order to learn more about the situation.

The most important part of an investigation is documentation. It is important that the employer has proper documentation in order to prove that they took all aspects of the situation into account before making a final decision as to what course of action should be taken.

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