Who takes employers to an employment tribunal?

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In my experience, there are two broad types of characters that are willing to take their employer to an employment tribunal. Those that have been treated unfairly and have a genuine grievance and those that ‘think’ that they’ve been treated unfairly by their employer and have a grievance.

Is there a difference? After all, any claim submitted to a tribunal will follow the same process and reach a conclusion.

But there is a subtle difference and one that employers should consider. If employers engage with their staff in a positive manner, conducting regular reviews and 1-1’s, updating them on what’s happening in the business, then the employee is more likely to feel valued and an integral part of the business.

Engaging with staff in this way breeds loyalty and commitment. If then, a difficult issue has to be addressed, then the employer is in a good position within which to conduct that conversation. This enables both difficult and positive conversations to take place in the workplace.

In ‘most’ situations, the employee will understand why the conversation is taking place and be more agreeable, regardless of the content of the meeting. This in turn, makes it more unlikely that an employee will think they’re being treated unfairly and subsequently less likely to submit a claim to an employment tribunal

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