How to support employees who suffer from Arthritis

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Arthritis can affect people of all ages and it is a unique pain for each sufferer. The pain can alter from day to day, yet many people work with Arthritis daily.

Employers can help employees suffering by using the 4 P’s.

Problem solving – It’s not always what you do but the way it’s done. If a task causes a problem, think about how else can the task can be done.

Planning – Make sure that any demanding tasks are spread out over the day or week.

Prioritising – Make a list of the tasks and see if any of them can be delayed, removed or handed to someone else (make this part of a training program)

Pacing – By breaking tasks into smaller chunks spreading them throughout the week. The employee can change positions and activities on a regular basis (remember a change really is as good as a rest!)

By doing simple things like Work Place Inspections, trying a different chair, swapping certain tasks with other trained colleagues and using equipment/technology that could make the tasks easier such as an ergonomic keyboard or mouse.

Make sure the employee takes regular breaks – even standing up and stretching can break up the daily routine. With simple steps you and your employee can have a long and happy working relationship.

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