Six quick tips for when you have to dismiss an employee

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The principles for dealing with a disciplinary situation up to and including the termination of employment are set out in detail in Discipline and Grievance at work: The Acas guide. Although this code of practice in itself is not legally enforceable, an employment tribunal will take into account the provisions set out within the code when considering relevant cases.

Here are our top tips to consider before terminating the employment of an employee:
  1. Just as disciplinary action should always be a last resort if all attempts to resolve the problem informally have failed, termination of employment should be the last resort.
  2. Ensure that a robust and thorough investigation has been carried out prior to a decision being made to go ahead with disciplinary action.
  3. Be fair and consistent throughout the process.
  4. Make sure the employees understands the procedure you will be following by giving them a copy of your disciplinary and dismissal procedure.
  5. Make sure that detailed notes are taken throughout the process and gain each person signature of acceptance at each stage.
  6. Make sure that your actions throughout the process are reasonable and proportionate.

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