Seven steps to get the best out of virtual meetings

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With winter on the horizon and increased environmental concerns, many of our clients are asking us about the best way to adopt virtual meetings across their business. With advances in technology and ease of access to suitable devices (even middle of the road mobile phones are more than capable of hosting a virtual meeting), it’s now easier than ever to get started.

Here are seven tips to help you get the best from your first virtual meeting –
  1. Research and decide on the most suitable software for your business to set up virtual team meetings. Have a look at Skype, Google Hangouts, Sqwiggle, Zoom, WebEx, Anymeeting, Wiggio, Onstream Meetings, Zoho Meting, LiveConf, GoToMeeting, MyOwnConference, Mikogo – there are loads out there!
  2. Ensure that all concerned are trained in how to use the software.
  3. Agree on the etiquette to be followed to avoid participants dominating the meeting or hiding away and not taking part. Ensure that each participant has an appropriate location in which to participate in the meeting without background distractions such as the dog, the postman or the children!
  4. Ideally each team member will have had a previous opportunity to meet each other in person – if not, make sure that new members to the team are introduced to everyone else.
  5. Send out joining instructions for the meeting well in advance with a start time at least 15 minutes before you want the meeting to start – this allows time for those who may have technical problems in logging in but gives the others an opportunity for general chat and relationship building.
  6. After the meeting, gain feedback from each participant to ensure that they have gained from their involvement in the meeting and to enable you to make improvements for the next virtual meeting.

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