Serial Litigant banned from making Tribunal Claims

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Mr Groves has brought a minimum of 19 individual claims against different employers to the employment tribunal during a period of just five and a half years between April, 2009 and October, 2014 and in 11 of those, he also appealed.

He claims to be disabled with various conditions including depression and most of his claims were against future employers turning down his applications for employment claiming disability discrimination.

Three claims were dismissed following consideration of their merits and seven were considered to have no prospect of success. Another three claims were withdrawn by him but the employers had already spent time and money in responding and in another four cases, cost orders were awarded against him.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal have granted an order against Mr Groves which will prevent him from being able to make any future application to the employment tribunal without having first gained permission from the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

The tribunal stated that Mr Groves had made a lot of claims in a short period of time with many of them involving very similar, and some identical, complaints. The pattern of his claims and appeals was described by the Judge as a “knee-jerk reaction” to his failure in being offered a position. He had put a number of different companies to considerably cost and inconvenience.

Mr Groves gave no thought to the consequence or merits of his vexatious claims.

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