How to respond to an employee complaint

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employee complain
People spend a lot of time at work and inevitably there will be employees who become disgruntled or annoyed about another colleague, a process or some element of their job. The complaints may be in writing, but this may not always be the case and employers should not necessarily wait until a complaint is in writing to respond. Some employees never put their grievances in writing for a number of reasons, but remain unhappy and become less and less engaged with the business.

When an employee raises a concern with their employer, they should be listened to. Allow them to air their grievance and it is usually possible to resolve the matter at this point. If not, then assure the employee that you will look into the issue and arrange to meet again to feedback. Knowing that they are listened to, their complaint is not brushed away will help employees to become engaged with the business and work towards creating harmonious working conditions.

This also helps to alleviate the number of formal grievances the business has to respond to. Stress and absence often go hand in hand with formal grievances, so where employers are tackling concerns at grass roots then they will also see a drop in absenteeism and stress levels with their employees.

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