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If you are as old as I am, you will remember “O” levels. In 1988, the General Certificate of Secondary Education, GCSE, was introduced where the examination results were graded from A to G. In 1994 an additional A* grade was introduced.

It is common for employers to require a minimum Grade C in English and Maths for new recruits. However, we’re finding many of our clients are still uncertain when it comes to the new GCSE grading system. With results being released next week – we thought we’d take another look at the new grading system.

GCSEs are graded on a scale from 9 to 1 with 9 being the highest grade achievable and 1 the lowest. A grade 4 will be considered to be a standard pass and equivalent to the current Grade C.

These qualifications are said to be more challenging than the previous form of GCSE’s, to help young people develop the skills that employers need. The new scale will more readily identify the achievements of high-attaining students as the additional grades allow for greater differentiation.

Please note however that these changes only apply in England as Wales and Northern Ireland are retaining the old system and Scotland already has a different system.

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