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Your Questions Answered
Q: Are we permitted to ask an employee the reason why they are making a flexible working request?

A: The new flexible working regulations came into force on 30th June, 2014 allowing any employee with a minimum of 26 weeks’ service the statutory right to request a flexible working arrangement. This might be a request to change their working hours, the days worked or their place of work in that they might ask if they can work from home.

Employees are required to make the request to the Company in writing and must include:
  • the date of application
  • details of the change to working conditions being requested
  • when the charge should take effect
  • what effect they envisage the change might have on the Company and how this might be dealt with
  • a statement that this is a statutory request and whether or not, and when, they have made any previous application.
They are not required to provide you with the reason why they are making the request as this is deemed irrelevant to the Company.

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