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Your Questions Answered
Q: What do we need to be aware of when considering using fixed-term contracts?

Fixed-term contracts are a very useful tool to cover work in the short-term for example, to cover a period of sickness absence, maternity leave, a period of heavy workload or a sabbatical. They can also be used to carry out a specific project where you may not have work for that employee once the project is complete.

The introduction of the Fixed-term Employees (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002 gave employees on fixed-term contracts the same rights as employees on permanent contracts. These regulations gave them the right to:
  • be subject to the same treat at work as permanent employees
  • be given the same access to jobs
  • be subject to and protected by the same policies and procedures
  • receive the same pay and benefits for comparable work
  • receive the same holiday entitlement
  • be given adequate notice of the end of the contract
  • be given the right for their contract to be classified as permanent where they have been employed on a succession of fixed-term contracts which collectively last longer than four years.

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