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Your Questions Answered
Q: What sort or reasonable adjustments do we need to make for disabled workers?

Employers are required to make reasonable adjustments to ensure disabled workers are not disadvantaged when carrying out their work. This provision includes contract workers, apprentices and business partners. Types of adjustment include:
  • Making physical changes such a providing a ramp for a wheelchair user or an adapted telephone for a deaf person
  • Allowing a disabled person to work in the most suitable location for them such as the ground floor for a wheelchair user if there is no lift
  • Changing equipment such as the provision of a special keyboard for an employee with arthritis Allowing a phased return to work
  • Allocating some of a disabled worker’s duties to another worker to avoid a worker whose disability involves severe vertigo from have to work at heights for example
  • Allowing the worker time off during working hours for rehabilitation, assessment or treatment Modifying instructions or reference manuals
  • Providing an interpreter or reader
  • Modifying redundancy selection criteria
  • Modifying performance –related pay conditions

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