Plummet in Number of Tribunal Claims

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Anyone wishing to make a claim in the Employment Tribunal has been required to pay an issue fee of between £160 and £250 and a hearing fee of £250 to £950 if the claim is listed for a final hearing for any claims lodged on or after 29th July, 2013.

There has been an enormous reduction in cases since the introduction of the fees with only one tribunal claim in five still being filed.

Quarterly figures from the Tribunals Service covering the quarter October to December, 2013, shown that 9,801 employment tribunal claims were received which is 79% less than the same period the previous year and 75% fewer than the previous quarter.

Unison challenged the introduction of tribunal fees as being indirectly discriminatory against women. However, this challenge was last month rejected by the High Court stating that there was insufficient evidence to overturn the legislation.

It is obvious that many employees will have been deterred from bringing tribunal claims because of the fees but from an employer perspective it is highly likely that this has reduced the number of unscrupulous claims from employees which is good news.

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