How much are sleepless nights costing your company?

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Sealy UK, the bed manufacturing company, have carried out research that has revealed that an increasing number of employees forgo sleep and then call in sick on a regular basis, costing the British economy somewhere in the region of £453m in lost productivity.

Responses from 1000 workers across the UK showed that 32% of employees wake up feeling tired, 21% of whom then call in sick. The research also shows that men are 6% more likely to “pull a sickie” than women.

10% of workers in the survey admitted to “dozing off” at their PC whilst 12% regularly take a “power nap” during working time.

When the weather is hot, the number of workers taking a day’s sick leave increases dramatically.

Reed have also carried out a study finding that 14% of workers have “pulled a sickie”, 13% have started the weekend early by phoning in sick on a Friday and 12% claimed “illness” for not attending work on a Monday.

It’s good practice to adopt a far sickness management procedure across the company, carrying out return to work interviews every time an employee has time off for sickness. You would be surprised how quickly the absence levels will drop!

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