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The Charted Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have reported that their research has shown that zero hours workers are more likely to be happy with their work-life balance than other employees on more standard contracts. There has been a lot of negative press recently regarding zero hours contracts but our experience of them with many different clients has on the whole been very positive – an extremely useful tool from the employer’s point of view allowing them to quickly respond to peaks and troughs in their business and providing flexibility for the employee. The CIPD’s report argues that the use of these contracts has been “underestimated, oversimplified and unfairly demonised”. The CIPD surveyed over 2,500 workers and found that 60% of workers on zero hours contracts were equally as satisfied with their jobs as other workers at 59% and were on the whole more likely to be satisfied with their work-life balance than other workers (65% compared with 58%). Zero hours workers stated that they preferred that type of contract as it provided them with flexibility that suited their current circumstances – perhaps with caring responsibilities for children or adult relatives or to fit around another part-time role. 38% of workers on zero hours contracts confirmed that they would like to work increased hours but 52% said they were happy with theirs. There are approximately one million people throughout the UK or 3.1% of the workforce employed on these contracts. The report did highlight some bad practice amongst employers such as workers being penalised if they were unable to work certain hours or workers being given little or notice of work. The CIPD have recommended that employers review their use of these contracts on a regular basis ensuring that there is a robust business reason for their use.

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