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I’ve recently come across a number of employers who have mentioned that they currently source their HR support through a trusted firm of solicitors.

This got me thinking about what the difference is between using an HR Consultant as opposed to an employment law solicitor.

My first thoughts were that HR consultants can be true business partners and immerse themselves in the client’s business. They deliver independent, practical and relevant advice usually based on years of hands on experience. They provide tailor made solutions that are designed to add value to the businesses they support

And yes, an HR Consultant is less expensive on an hour-by-hour basis than a solicitor. But it’s much more than that. HR Consultants add value by working with clients on the day to day issues they face, such as:
  • Producing policies, procedures and templates that reflect the values and culture of the business
  • Drafting non standard documentation to address all but the most complex of situations
  • Dealing with difficult employees, e.g. poor performance, misconduct
  • Undertaking or guiding management on investigations, informal meetings and formal hearings
  • Working with management teams to help develop their people management skills
  • Advising on company restructures to achieve strategic objectives, whilst ensuring compliance and minimising any impact on employee engagement
Whilst HR Consultants offer pragmatic, timely and cost effective solutions, it is essential that they build reciprocal relationships with employment law specialist solicitors who they can turn to when there is the risk of litigation or they are faced with situations that take them into unchartered waters.

In essence, HR Consultants and employment law solicitors can complement one another to provide the answers to every question that an employer might have.

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