Guidance on Average Value of Employment Tribunal Awards

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The Government has published the average value of employment tribunal awards and the time taken to reach an employment tribunal hearing which is included within the guidance notes on how to make and respond to an employment tribunal claim. Why? To ensure both parties have a better understanding of the timescales expected and the likely possible award. The Ministry of Justice website states that the overall average time between an employee submitting a claim against their employer to the employment tribunal and reaching a final judgment is 24 weeks. It has published the following table based on claims during the financial year 2010 to 2011. The average has been measured by the ‘median’ which is the middle number in a series of numbers that have been ranked from lowest to highest.   
Type of claim Ave. award Ave. time (weeks)
Age discrimination £12,697 27
Disability discrimination £6,142 31
Race discrimination £6,277 31
Religious belief discrimination £6,892 31
Sex discrimination £6,078 29
Sexual orientation discrimination £5,500 25
Unfair dismissal £4,591 24

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