Four quick tips for dealing with difficult people

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Given the constant pressure on employees to deliver at work, balanced with the need to keep a close eye on costs, its unsurprising that some staff are more difficult to handle than others.

Here are some top tips to help you deal with difficult behaviours.
  1. Tackle the issue Some people lack self-awareness and may not realise their behaviour is causing difficulty. Remember to approach the conversation in a constructive way though!
  2. Consider diversity Teams thrive when there is a good mixture of personalities and skill sets. It may be that the “difficult person” simply has a different approach to you.
  3. Be assertive It’s fine to walk away if someone is being aggressive, or to tell them you are putting the ‘phone down in a similar situation. You can return to the discussion when they have calmed down and can approach things in a better frame of mind.
  4. Consider health issues The root of some problems may lie deeper than the issues that are surfacing in the workplace. At all times, keep your cool and use logic and a rational argument to get your point across.

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