Financial Assistance to Employers of Reservists

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Assistance is offered by the Ministry of Defence to employers, Reservists and self-employed Reservists to cover the period of mobilisation.

Areas where financial support is provided include:
  • For Reservists and self-employed Reservists
    • A salary whilst mobilised
    • Up to £2K of some of the costs incurred by a self-employed Reservist in putting their business on hold for the duration of the mobilisation
  • For employers of Reservists
    • Defence-funded employer contributions to a Company pension scheme if the employers decides to withdraw this benefit and the Reservist wishes to remain in the scheme
    • Salary costs for a temporary replacement or overtime costs over and above the Reservist’s normal salary to a maximum of £100 per day.
    • Agency fees and non-recurring advertising costs incurred in replacing the Reservist.
    • Essential retraining costs necessary for a Reservist returning to work following a mobilisation
    • The costs incurred for five days of handover before and after an employee is mobilised.
    • 75% up to £300 of specialist clothing costs for an employee replacing a deployed Reservist.
    • A payment of up to £500 per month to small and medium-sized companies, charities and partnerships for each Reservist mobilised.

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