How do you feel about unused holiday entitlements?

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Recent research from Canada Life has revealed that 23% of the UK workforce did not take advantage of their full holiday entitlement during the 2013 calendar year.

Clearly, some employees feel that they should be present all the time (known as “presenteeism”). Although the research further revealed that 37% of those with unused holiday carried some of that allowance forward into 2014, many employees did not. This essentially means that they threw away their entitlement to those days’ leave.

Employers need to promote a healthy work/life balance amongst their employees. Managers in particular should lead by example and strike a happy balance between work and their home lives. This means planning to take their full annual leave entitlement during the calendar year. The same is true of their team members, and Managers should be raising the subject of planned time away from the workplace during regular 1:1 employee meetings. It is vital that employees have sufficient rest and relaxation away from busy work environments. Properly planned holiday time will help reduce individual stress levels and ensure enhanced workplace productivity.

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