Employers to Release Reservists to Provide Security for the Olympics

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The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is providing approximately 13,500 personnel to contribute to the security at the Olympic and Paralympic Games and it is estimated that between 1,750 and 2,100 of these will be reservists released by employers. Most reservists are likely to be mobilised for four weeks from mid-July to mid-August but a few will be mobilised from mid-June and so will be away for three months. Call up notices will be sent to employers 60 days prior to mobilisation to allow them time to make preparations for the absence of their employees. Guidance has been provided by the MOD on how employers should treat any staff who are called up between the date that the notice of call up is received and the actual mobilisation. The priority will be to minimise the impact on employers as much as possible and to mobilise those Reservists that have a more flexible situation. The MOD are committed to identifying those reservists who have the training, skills and availability for mobilisation during the Olympics and Paralympics so as to minimise the impact as much as possible upon the individual reservist, their family and their employer. Employers have the right to apply for exemption and/or financial assistance and details on how to apply will be sent to employers with the call out notice for an employee. Employees called up for this duty will be paid by the military and so there will be no requirement for the employer to continue to pay them during this time. There is, however, a legal obligation on employers to keep the reservist’s job so that they may be reinstated in their role on completion of their mobilisation.

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