Driving on Company Business – Part 3
Use of Mobile Phones, Interactive Communication Devices, Satellite Navigation and Entertainment Systems

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This is the final piece of three articles looking at employees who use their own vehicles for business use and in particular the use of the latest devices that are now commonly fitted into cars and guidelines for employees with regard to the use of these devices. We recommend the following guidelines:
  1. The use of hand held mobile phones whilst driving is illegal and expressly forbidden. The sending/typing and reading/receiving of text messages whilst driving is also expressly forbidden.

  2. The Company does not require any employee to make or receive phone calls whilst driving, even if a legal hands free kit has been issued/installed. Should the employee wish to make/answer a phone call whilst driving with a legally compliant hands-free operation, this is not against the law and is solely at the employee’s discretion to do so.?

    Nevertheless, the employee should be aware that the likelihood of being involved in an accident increases with the depth/intensity of the phone conversation. The duration of the call should be kept to a minimum. Employees choosing to use a mobile phone with hands-free operation whilst driving must only do so when it is safe to do so.?

  3. When driving circumstances dictate that full concentration is required, such as negotiating through town centres, navigating across roundabouts, driving at speed on motorways, then mobile phones should not be used.?

  4. When receiving a call it is at the driver’s sole discretion whether to continue the call or call back when parked. Dialling of telephone numbers must only be undertaken whilst parked.??

  5. Using interactive communication devices capable of sending and/or receiving messages, still or moving images or providing access to the Internet is expressly forbidden whilst driving.??

  6. Satellite navigation equipment/systems must be used in a manner that will not distract drivers’ attention e.g. having to look at the screen due to sound mute, or the screen being so positioned that the driver is required to take their eyes off the road ahead.?

  7. Do not attempt to use entertainment equipment such as CD’s, iPods or DVD players etc where this might affect the ability to keep proper control of the vehicle.

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