Detail on Flexible Furloughing Released

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Late on Friday evening (12th June) the Chancellor released details concerning flexible working for those who are participating in the furlough scheme.

Anyone who is furloughed up to and including 30th June 2020 has not been permitted to carry out any work for their employer. Lots of clients have told us it would have been better for them if there had been more flexibility with employees being able to do some work whilst furloughed. So, the Government have provided this flexibility from 1st July 2020.

Let’s just clarify that you can only furlough employees going forward who have previously been furloughed on the scheme for at least three weeks. It is not permitted to introduce employees who have not previously been furloughed by the Company. However, from 1st July 2020, employers are able to request employees to work for whatever number of hours they want whilst still being able to claim the grant for the hours not worked.

You will need to agree with your employees the hours they will work but this can be changed on a week by week basis according to the needs of the business. There will be no three-week minimum period; in fact there is no minimum period at all but you will need to make any claim through in respect of a minimum one week period. You are required to keep written agreement to the furlough arrangement for five years and records of how many hours your employees work and the number of hours they are furloughed and remain at home for six years. Keep a copy of how your calculated the claim to HMRC for six years as well.

The calculation is a little complicated and needs to be worked out by the employer. You’ll need to carry out a series of calculations to work out the furlough pay for the hours not worked during the period you are claiming for.

The detail can be found here:

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