When does a company need an HR Consultant?

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Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘You don’t need HR until you need HR?’ It states the obvious. Companies don’t feel the need to engage with HR unless there is a problem that requires HR intervention to help resolve an issue.

To be honest, this statement is true. When there are no staff problems and everything is ticking over nicely, then what is the need for HR? Absolutely none! But then what happens if there is a need for HR intervention? HR parachutes into the business and comes up with some solutions to deal with the problem. The advice is based on the technical aspects of employment law to protect the company from employment tribunals.

This tends to be the attitude of most managers and indeed business owners when dealing with staffing issues. Understandable eh?

So then, what are the advantages of engaging with HR before there are staffing issues? Engaging with HR allows them the opportunity to understand the business and the environment within which the business is operating.

So subsequently, if there is an issue, HR is on hand to provide the tailored advice that offers minimum disruption to the business.

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