Company Car Drivers – Autumn/Winter Hazards

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I am sure you have noticed the nights have started to draw in and, although there are some spectacular views in the autumn sky, low sunrises and sunsets can cause a problem for drivers.

The leaves are beginning to fall and only this morning I drove into a deep pothole that had been covered by leaves and so not visible and with all the rain the roads are quite slippery.

Some tips for you to pass on to your employees when driving on company business:
  • With potential dark commutes just round the corner, why not check all your car bulbs.
  • Clean the windscreen inside and out – sunglare is bad enough but worsens with smears on the windscreen.
  • Top up washer fluid
  • Get the car battery checked
  • Check tyre treads and pressures – minimum 1.6mm tread
  • Watch out for animals – I drove round a corner last week to be faced with a deer in the road – a big stag with antlers!

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