Coldest Winter for 100 Years Forecast

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A recent article in the Daily Telegraph stated that Councils were preparing for sub-zero temperatures, hail and snow following the horrendous rainfall that’s devastated so many parts of the country in what could be the coldest winter for 100 years. The Met Office has predicted temperatures reaching as low as -20°C in some areas during December and January which will inevitably cause chaos on our roads and disruption to business. What are you doing to ensure continuity within your business when employees have difficulty getting to work due to adverse weather and disruption to public transport? Plan ahead now. Consider the health and safety of your employees whilst at the same time ensuring that the disruption caused to the business is minimal. Put procedures in place and notify all employees so that they know what is expected of them. Explain in detail whether or not they will be paid if they are absent, whether they will be expected to make up the time lost at a later date, whether they can work from home, take unpaid leave or use up their holiday entitlement. Consider the circumstances of individual employees as it may not be the fact that the employee cannot get to work but that the school their children attend is closed and so the employ will need to remain at home to care for the children, for example.

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