Is Your Business Ready To Drive Ahead With New Driving Licence Rules?

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The DVLA are abolishing the paper counterpart of the photo card driving licence from 8th June 2015.

Photo Card Licences
The paper counterpart will no longer be issued from DVLA. The purpose of the paper counterpart is to provide visibility of vehicle categories, endorsements /penalty points. The paper counterpart can be destroyed after 8th June 2015 as it will no longer have any legal status.

Paper Licences Issued pre 1998.
The older paper style driving licences issued before photo card licences were introduced in 1998 will still remain valid and must not be destroyed. Any updates on name, address or renewal will be issued with a photo card only.

N.B. This doesn’t affect any photo card driving licence that has been issued by DVA Northern Ireland.

What does this mean?
From 8th June 2015 any employee who has use of a company vehicle/pool car, drives their own vehicle on company business and regularly needs to produce their driving licence will no longer have the paper counterpart of their photo card licence. The employer will no longer be able to complete a visual driving licence check as any endorsements/penalty points will not be present on the photo card licence

How to complete a driving licence check?
The DVLA have introduced a new service called View My Driving Licence – this is an online service that enables individuals to access details of their driving licence.

DVLA states that this service is for drivers only and it cannot be used by an employer or any other third parties. They also confirmed that it’s an offence for third parties to use this service under the Data Protection Act. DVLA will also investigate and pursue any case where this service has been used by a third party.

At present it remains unclear what trouble businesses would get into if caught using this service. If a business tries to access multiple records via the online service the IP address for each request can be identified.

This is a confusing time for businesses who need to manage drivers within the confines of this new law.

Some businesses believe that it is okay to use the View My Driving Licence service providing they have written permission from the employees confirmed. However DVLA have confirmed this is not the case.

Employers are able to achieve a telephone check on an employee’s driving licence by asking the employee to phone DVLA 0300 790 6801 giving their permission for a nominated person/company to complete a driving licence check. This will also apply to hiring a vehicle.

Once the employee has given their permission the employer can phone on 0906 139 3837 (calls currently cost 51p per minute) and complete a verbal check.

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