Best Practice for Political Activity in the Workplace

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The General Election date has been set as 7th May 2015. Competition is fierce amongst the parties and heated debates over controversial topics are being had. What if your employees are politically active? They might be very involved in activities of the party they support, they are entitled to support and vote for who they wish. What happens if this interferes in the work place?

Having a policy in place acknowledging employees are allowed to hold a political opinion and partake in political activities outside of the workplace. However, that policy should also make very clear what kind of activities and behaviour is not acceptable in the workplace, such as handing out political material like leaflets, badges or sending electronic communication to fellow colleagues of such material.

Employees should be discouraged to bring the workplace into any disrepute because of their activities and political persuasion as these can then be considered a disciplinary offence.

Employees should also be very clear that involving, customers, clients and suppliers in any activity of a political nature is strictly forbidden.

Finally, employees should be referred to Dignity at work policy as articulating strong and extreme political sentiments could be a breach of this policy.

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