The Benefits of Effective Performance Management

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It is widely recognised that effective performance management will bring a wide variety of benefits to any organisation, including:
  • Company goals are better communicated, understood and accepted
  • People are motivated to perform
  • Individual, team and organisational performance is maximised
  • Clearer definition of roles
  • Improved communication and employee engagement
  • Areas of underperformance are addressed
  • Development opportunities are identified
  • Succession planning
To ensure the maximum positive impact of any performance management activity, it is essential that the process that is put in place:
  • is aligned with company strategy
  • fits with the company culture
  • is supported by top management (through leadership by example)
  • is an on-going process, not a once-a-year administrative event
  • is not “stand-alone” but well integrated with other people management processes and managerial activities.
Some organisations feel that their environment would not be suitable for a systematic approach to performance management.  However, all employees will benefit from an understanding of business strategy and a clear set of measurable objectives that are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain current and meaningful, particularly in today’s fluid and dynamic business environments.

There is often a view that performance management processes are bureaucratic and complex, but this does not have to be the case.  It is crucial that any performance management system is designed to meet the specific characteristics and needs of the business and a simple paper-based process will suit the majority of organisations.  It does not need to involve expensive technological solutions.

With commitment and resourcefulness, it is possible to create open and inclusive values by implementing a simple, appropriate, practical performance management process that will make a real difference to your company and its people.

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