Be Very Careful with CV’s

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In a recent case in the Employment Tribunal in Cardiff, Liberian-born Max Kpakio claimed that Virgin Atlantic had discriminated against him on racial grounds. He said that he was rejected for a job interview with the airline’s call centre when he applied in the name of Max Kpakio but when he applied again using an English-sounding fake name of Craig Owen, he was invited to attend an interview. Mr Kpakio claimed loss of earnings and injury to feelings amounting to £55,000. He told the Tribunal that he believed he had been rejected for the call-centre role because of his foreign sounding name. Virgin Atlantic insisted they were an equal opportunities employer and were not guilty of race discrimination. The airline robustly defended the case saying that there had been differences between the two CV’s submitted by Mr Kpakio. The “Craig Owen” application had five years’ experience of working in Asda and Tesco supermarkets which were not on the first application. The Tribunal dismissed the claim and Judge Claire Sharp said: “The Tribunal wishes to be absolutely clear given the press coverage in the hearing bundle, that the claimant did not merely change the names and ethnicity in the two applications: they were different applications and the false application was clearly designed to meet the respondent’s criteria for the role.”

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