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As a manger in a large company, I remember a feeling of panic overwhelming me when told the company auditors were due in a few days. Time and experience has taught me that this was an irrational fear. It’s like knowing your annual medical is due and panicking over what the doctors might find…

Although people often think of auditing in terms of financial processes, the reality is all areas of the business are subject to review. An HR audit can recognise effective practices and highlight areas that might be at risk or preventing the function from operating successfully or indeed legally.

Some examples covered within an HR audit are:
  • HR Strategy
  • How you recruit
  • Employment contracts
  • Appraisal / performance review systems
  • Learning and development
  • Exiting people from the business
  • Legal compliance
  • Best practise
It is very easy to get embroiled in day to day business and putting out fires, so much so that we forget the importance of making time to review current policies and processes and how they work for you as well considering any that might be lacking or need updating. We can sometimes be blind to what is around us and having a fresh set of eyes can be a great benefit to get an honest and objective view.

Let’s try a quick quiz to find out what you know:
  1. What is the cap for unfair dismissal in a tribunal?
  2. Should every employee have a contract of employment, detailing their terms and conditions? Yes or No?
  3. As an employer, are you obliged to give a reference to an ex-employee? Yes or No?
  4. What is the qualifying time required for an employee to bring a case before an employment tribunal for unfair or constructive dismissal?
  5. When recruiting, is it alright to post a job advert requesting a ‘young graduate’? Yes or No?
(Please find answers at bottom of blog)

Would you have the knowledge to know what to look for or do you have someone within your organisation who can advise you? If not, why not consider the alternative of inviting a professional HR expert into your business to conduct a free audit.

Once the audit report is completed, an action plan will be created that addresses the areas that need attention.

If you feel you would benefit from having a free no-obligation audit conducted in a safe and non-threatening manner, resulting in valuable feedback and an action plan with professional advice on the next steps, please feel free to contact your local HR consultant from Crispin Rhodes.

  1. £76,574 (as at 1/12/15)
  2. Yes
  3. Yes (only need to include dates of employment and job title)
  4. 2 years
  5. No – the wording of ‘young’ falls foul of age discrimination

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