ACAS Update on Early Conciliation

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Early conciliation was introduced in April and must now be considered by both employer and employee before a claim can be made to the employment tribunal and is a service provided by ACAS.

ACAS has recently published its first quarterly update on early conciliation for the period 6th April to 30th June 2014. During that period they received 17,145 notifications under the scheme of which about 500 were from employers.

Participation is not compulsory and 7% of employees and 9% of employers declined to participate. Approximately 16% of the notifications received settled during the early conciliation period and there are more expected to settle soon afterwards. If there is failure to agree during the period, a certificate is provided to the employee which then enables them to make a claim. 19% of employees who received a certificate told ACAS they would not be bringing a tribunal claim.

The level of notifications appears to be broadly similar to the number of tribunal claims lodged each month prior to the introduction of fees.

We think this shows a positive start for early conciliation and will be welcomed by employers.

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